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@jack , is the account credentials used for accessing the AlmaLinux Forums the same that are used for accessing the AlmaLinux Chat (Mattermost) site?

My account does not seem to be allowing me to login for some reason. I am wondering if I failed to record my credentials or if the site might be broken.

No. They are different. We’re working on some thing for unified credentialing but still need some time to work through all the implementation scenarios.

Thanks @Jack, that’s all that I needed to know.

Trying to rejoin, but am receiving:


We are sorry…
An internal server error has occurred


Hi there! It’s up and working for me, so I believe you may be encountering an account problem. We did move to earlier this month, so it might be worth taking a look here: AlmaLinux OS - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System

I can access the fine.
It’s shows: 0 Group(s), 0 Agreement(s)

But when I try to access, it fails with the error a gray error screen that has the Keycloak logo, and the below says “We are sorry…
An internal server error has occurred”

Tried it from Chrome, Edge, and my Tablet.

AL Login Error

Give it a whirl now.

Also, PM me your username so I can check logs.

It’s working.
But not showing my registered username.

Was able to login for a couple days, set my Nickname, now receiving: