Just Installed, What Repos to Add?

I just installed Alma Linux KDE Live ISO from Index of /almalinux/9/live/x86_64/

Just to start I tried to install Strawberry Music Player https://www.strawberrymusicplayer.org/ because it has a feature I like that when I close it then open again it remembers where I was listenning and continues playing.

I might need VLC as well, and maybe some other apps.

I started of course looking in Discover but none was there.
So, I tried and downloaded RPMs I thought might work, but attempting to install indicated a conflict.

I understand that Alma Linux is strict with security and quality. But I understand as well it is supposed to have a wide variety of apps.

I will highly appreciate your guidance, I am just a home user, and a bookworm as well, so I might need to install a few extra software for example to OCR some PDFs I scan to add text layer to the scanned files, and cherrytree notes cherrytree – giuspen

All I couldn’t find searching Discover!
Where are the apps!

Do I need to add specific repos to get such apps?
How can I go about such issues?

I am looking at AlmaLinux Repositories | AlmaLinux Wiki BUT I do not want to add repos myself to avoid adding repos that might contain untested apps and lose the main point of being on Alma Linux (stability and security), so I better ask the experts.
I will highly appreciate your feedback. A noob to RedHAt and Alma Linux here.