Kdump.conf - file contents remove after trigger crash

I have changed the path in kdump.conf from /var/crash to /home/crash/kdump.

After triggering a crash with echo c > /proc/sysrq-trigger, the crash dump in still placed in the /var/crash folder.

When I checked the kdump.conf file, everything has been cleared from the file. It becomes a blank file.

Once you modify kdump.conf, kdump needs to restarted. Otherwise if you trigger a crash, everything clears in kdump.conf and nothing is saved.

I removed everything from the config file and had this:

path /var/crash
core_collector makedumpfile -l --message-level 7 -d 31

After restarting kdump and triggering a crash, it does not clear the the kdump.conf file this time, but dumps are not saved.

Ensure you modify the kdump.conf original file and restart kdump. It seems once everything has been removed such as the commented values, it does not work. Having all the commented values in the kdump.conf file and restarting kdump works.

#raw /dev/vg/lv_kdump
#ext4 /dev/vg/lv_kdump
#ext4 LABEL=/boot
#ext4 UUID=03138356-5e61-4ab3-b58e-27507ac41937
#nfs my.server.com:/export/tmp
#nfs [2001:db8::1:2:3:4]:/export/tmp
#ssh user@my.server.com
#ssh user@2001:db8::1:2:3:4
#sshkey /root/.ssh/kdump_id_rsa
path /home/crash/kdump
core_collector makedumpfile -l --message-level 7 -d 31
#core_collector scp
#kdump_post /var/crash/scripts/kdump-post.sh
#kdump_pre /var/crash/scripts/kdump-pre.sh
#extra_bins /usr/bin/lftp
#extra_modules gfs2
#failure_action shell
#force_rebuild 1
#force_no_rebuild 1
#dracut_args --omit-drivers "cfg80211 snd" --add-drivers "ext2 ext3"
#fence_kdump_args -p 7410 -f auto -c 0 -i 10
#fence_kdump_nodes node1 node2