Kernel-5.14.0-284.18.1.el9_2 under RHEL / AlmaLinux 9


I have noted that RHEL released a kernel update on 24th June 2023:


I know that RedHat has been playing tricks of source code issue for downstream, which makes a very difficult task for both AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux. But I have noted
that AlmaLinux still has not released this update for over a week. On the contrary, I
can see that same patch released on 26-27 June under RockyLinux.

So, I wonder if AlmaLinux is actually working on the package, or is it an overlook due to
manual process? Thanks.

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Considering that this kernel release contains an important security fix, I’m also looking forward to it…

The build is signed but apparantly not pushed yet:

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Thanks for the update. It seems that they have troubles with the package (test failed for x86_64 and aarch64). It is not something good. :frowning:

As of today, the kernel update still has not been released. May we assume that AlmaLinux is having deep trouble with this particular kernel update?

It was just released today. Do a yum clean all if you’re not seeing it pulled in.

That stated, still waiting on kernel-4.18.0-477.15.1.el8_8 for Alma 8.

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Will there be new full ISO images generated with this new kernel?

For various reasons (not all of them valid), we prefer to install from locally archived ISOs. Are there generally new images generated for these minor updates?

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