Kernel configuration options for open vSwitch installation

h there,
i use almalinux 9.2
i have problem to configure kernel in almalinux.
can someone help me how I can enable kernel configuration options NET_CLS_BASIC , NET_SCH_INGRESS , and NET_ACT_POLICE , either built-in or as modules?
i will be thankfull :pray:

document source Open vSwitch on Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD — Open vSwitch 3.3.90 documentation

NET_SCH_INGRESS and NET_ACT_POLICE are enabled in the Alma kernel. However NET_CLS_BASIC is not. You need to change the config line to CONFIG_NET_CLS_BASIC=m.

Another option for you will be to try installing elrepo’s kernel-ml. Those config options are all enabled in there.

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thanks for your answer,
can you tell me were is the kernel configuration file?

You need to build a custome kernel. This is not a trivial task. Besides you’d need to do the task for every kernel update. You can see the instructions here. It is written for Rocky Linux but applies to AlmaLinux as well.

I suggest you use ELRepo’s kernel-ml.

dnf install
dnf --enablerepo=elrepo-kernel install kernel-ml

Then boot this newly installed kernel.

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Another option is to use a kmod package. I’ve just built one for the cls_basic driver and released it to the elrepo-testing repository. It will show up in elrepo’s mirrors shortly.

dnf --enablerepo=elrepo-testing install kmod-cls_basic

thanks :cherry_blossom:, it’s usefull

Which one did you decide to use, kernel-ml or the mod package?

I’m going to delete the kmod-cls_basic package in elrepo’s testing repository. It was built for el 9.2 anyway.