Kickstarting Alma 8.5 pauses on EULA acceptance regardless of configuration

When kickstarting centos or redhat, it was usually necessary to add an “eula --agreed” line to the kickstart file to have the kickstart session automatically reboot after finishing. For example:

ignoredisk --only-use=sda
keyboard --vckeymap=us --xlayouts='us'
lang en_US.UTF-8
eula --agreed

…etc. But when I do this with a full AlmaLinux 8.5 distro grabbed from a mirror, it does not honor this line, and the kickstart stops after the postinstall stage with:

Use of this product is subject to the license agreement found at:

Installation complete. Press ENTER to quit:

I remember testing almalinux with kickstart a few months ago, using the files from the DVD ISO, and don’t remember encountering this. What is causing this, and how can I get around it (ie. have the kickstart accept the EULA and reboot automatically)?

Disregard; the fault was located between the keyboard and the chair. I had a “reboot” line commented-out for testing. With both “reboot” and “eula --agreed”, the system reboots after kickstart as expected.

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