Leapp Install Fails

New Forum user here so correct me if I’m doing/saying anything incorrectly.

My goal is to migrate from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8 and eventually RL9.

Following the Rocky Linux/Elevate migrate guide I was successful in installing Elevate but I
got a failure trying to install Leapp. Since CentOS is EOL the repo is no longer available.

The problem seems to be that it goes out to a zillion mirror sites looking for the packages and fails to find except at cmich. However the response time there is so slow that it times out.

I do have a text file with the info from this try but as a new user I am not allowed more than two links in a post and the screen shot info has lots of links showing. Also I tried to upload the text file but that is not a supported format and new users can’t upload.

I did go in and change my information in
so that they have lines of the form
but the install still seems to go right into fastestmirror mode or ???

Is the vault.centos.org not a good repo to use? This was suggested by RL folks. Is there anyway to force it to look at a specific repo w/o all the mirror searching?
Any advice appreciated.

Never mind this first part. It turns out I needed two things:

  • do a
    yum clean all
    which broke yum with not finding the base.
  • Then I needed to go back into
    and uncomment all the

Now yum is trying but now when it tries to Resolve Dependencies it fails with a line about
Requires: dnf >= 4

However when I try to yum install dnf the epel repository says there is nothing there.
Does anyone know where I can get dnf for CentOS 7 so I can finish the Leapp install?

Any suggestions appreciated.

We set up a CentOS 7 repo so that ELevate should keep working. Take a look here: AlmaLinux OS - Forever-Free Enterprise-Grade Operating System

Many thanks for setting that up, Benny, that is above and beyond. I’ve got two new disks (ssd) coming and I’ll clone the existing system to them first. Then I’ll try as you suggested and point my base to your repo. and see what happens. More as I go along.