Leapp migration fails from AlmaLinux 8 to AlmaLinux 9

I am trying to use the leapp tool to upgrade AlmaLinux 8 to AlmaLinux 9.
The upgrade fails on the package iptables-ebtables.

Error: Transaction test error:
  file /usr/share/man/man8/ebtables-nft.8.gz from install of iptables-nft-1.8.8-6.el9_1.x86_64 conflicts with file from package iptables-ebtables-1.8.5-10.el8_9.x86_64

The issue is reproducible with a minimal AlmaLinux 8 installation.
The leapp preupgrade runs without any issues.

Can someone confirm if this is a known issue?
And is there a known way to fix the issue, other than uninstalling firewalld?


  1. Install Alma Linux 8 minimal
  2. dnf update -y && reboot
  3. yum install -y http://repo.almalinux.org/elevate/elevate-release-latest-el$(rpm --eval %rhel).noarch.rpm
  4. rpm --import https://repo.almalinux.org/elevate/RPM-GPG-KEY-ELevate
  5. yum install -y leapp-upgrade leapp-data-almalinux
  6. leapp preupgrade
  7. leapp upgrade


This issue does not seem to exist on RHEL8 → RHEL9.

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I have run into this same issue. This is a blocker for migrating to AlmaLinux 9.

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how about rpm -e iptables-ebtables --nodeps to remove iptables-ebtables without removing firewalld?


This worked for me, TY! Package no longer available in el9 so no need to reinstall ebtables after the upgrade.

I have verified that this solution works. Thanks very much for the suggestion!!!

It wasn’t immediately clear (to me) that ‘leapp upgrade’ can re-run after ‘rpm -e iptables-ebtables --nodeps’, but that does seem to remove the error in order to continue a failed upgrade.