LiveDVD image for ALMALinux

Are there any intentions to build a LiveDVD image of ALMALinux to help users determine if their NICs and video adapters are going to be supported; even if only in degraded mode?

@warron.french There has been discussion about this on our mattermost. Please join us there. You can talk to user ‘dowdle’ there who has already built some images.

Thanks you sir. I will do just that!

Is my Forums account not the same for accessing that chat link you provided?

@warron.french no, unfortunately for now they are separate.

Thank you very much @jack .

@jack I’ve just joined mattermost. Is this going to be a replacement for the forums? I thought it was a bit quiet on here.

EDIT: Oops: just read yours “Join us on mattermost”. I should have replied there.

Not a replacement but an augmentation, as you have figured out by now.