Looking for some advice with dnf autoremove

Hey everyone,

Fairly new to EL distros, ran Debian branches years ago but then stopped as it was just a hobby and I had no time. :upside_down_face: Got back in, and decided to give this side of things a go.

Now this is relevant, because I originally installed RHEL9, but then ran the almalinux-deploy tool to move over … it took some convincing, but we made it, and it’s been running great since.

Recently I was playing with some code dev, which I pulled the plug on and went to clean up the various packages I’d installed and mucked about with. Found repoquery --userinstalled and dnf autoremove commands, and figured this would be easy!


I can easily see that dnf doesn’t have all the right associations due to the conversion from RHEL to Alma, as when I run repoquery --userinstalled I see packages such as selinux-policy-targeted, kernel-core, cockpit, etc. Now I’m hesitant with the autoremove as if the associations are wrong and they’re actually important I’d rather not spend next weekend rebuilding my server.

Wondering if someone more experienced with EL can take a quick look over this list, and mention if anything I need to keep for a (nearly) default CLI-only install? These first part are the ones in particular I’m hesitant about, mainly for cockpit (doesn’t that use libvirt? Or different libvirt packages?)

 libvirt-daemon                                      x86_64                         9.5.0-7.2.el9_3.alma.1                            @appstream                         585 k
 libvirt-daemon-lock                                 x86_64                         9.5.0-7.2.el9_3.alma.1                            @appstream                          99 k
 libvirt-daemon-plugin-lockd                         x86_64                         9.5.0-7.2.el9_3.alma.1                            @appstream                          31 k
 libvirt-daemon-proxy                                x86_64                         9.5.0-7.2.el9_3.alma.1                            @appstream                         583 k
 openssl-pkcs11                                      x86_64                         0.4.11-7.el9                                      @baseos                            198 k

As for the rest, I don’t use python for anything (and I don’t think MySQL and nginx do either) so that should be all good to go, and I can’t see why anything would need nmap… as for the compressor, I’ve not heard of it before so I have no idea if it’s used by something else or not.

 nmap-ncat                                           x86_64                         3:7.92-1.el9                                      @appstream                         469 k
 openldap-compat                                     x86_64                         2.6.3-1.el9                                       @baseos                             59 k
 python3-cffi                                        x86_64                         1.14.5-5.el9                                      @baseos                            1.0 M
 python3-cryptography                                x86_64                         36.0.1-4.el9                                      @baseos                            4.5 M
 python3-dns                                         noarch                         2.3.0-2.el9                                       @baseos                            2.0 M
 python3-ldb                                         x86_64                         2.7.2-2.el9                                       @baseos                            136 k
 python3-packaging                                   noarch                         20.9-5.el9                                        @appstream                         248 k
 python3-ply                                         noarch                         3.11-14.el9                                       @baseos                            430 k
 python3-pycparser                                   noarch                         2.20-6.el9                                        @baseos                            745 k
 python3-resolvelib                                  noarch                         0.5.4-5.el9                                       @appstream                          66 k
 python3-samba                                       x86_64                         4.18.6-102.el9_3.alma.1                           @baseos                             19 M
 python3-talloc                                      x86_64                         2.4.0-2.el9                                       @baseos                             36 k
 python3-tdb                                         x86_64                         1.4.8-2.el9                                       @baseos                             45 k
 python3-tevent                                      x86_64                         0.14.1-2.el9                                      @baseos                             32 k
 zstd                                                x86_64                         1.5.1-2.el9                                       @baseos                            1.8 M

Anyway, thanks in advance!