LVM volumes naming


I have noticed that in LVM based installs the installer automatically names both the volume group and logical volumes like this:


and in /etc/fstab:

/dev/mapper/almalinux_DHCP HOSTNAME-home
/dev/mapper/almalinux_DHCP HOSTNAME-swap
/dev/mapper/almalinux_DHCP HOSTNAME-root

This happens when a hostname is set via DHCP to the installation environment.

My question is how I can prevent this auto naming scheme from happening i.e. to prevent the DHCP provided hostname from being appended to ‘almalinux’? Is the any boot option? Or I just have to prevent my DHCP providing the hostname?

Thank you!

I do know that CentOS 7 installer did already name VG as “centos_$(hostname -s)”, so the installer in Alma continues that practice.

If you do interactive installation, then you can modify the proposed name in the installer.

If you do kickstart install, then you do give the name in kickstart-file (with the ‘volgroup’ option).