Mailspring needing libsecret and a keyring

Hi Everyone,

I just installed Alma Linux on the laptop, and hoping to make a smooth transition from OpenSuse.

I am setting up MailSpring which I like a lot, however, I had squashed my nose on the brick wall with a popup saying;

Mailspring could not store your password securely. Make sure you have ĺibsecret’ installed and a keyring is present.

Can you advise on how I can install Libsecret, and can you advise on a recommended keyring please.

I am running the KDE Pasma version X11.

Thank you in advance,

dnf provides libsecret and dnf list libsecret say that
package libsecret-0.20.4-4.el9 is in appstream.

The GNOME more or less requires that package. Perhaps KDE does not. Explicitly.

Do you have it installed? (dnf install libsecret)