Mediawiki on NGINX and Mediawiki on Apache Server


having tried to install “mediawiki” on three different machines, one with AlmaLinux (8.4), one with Fedora 34, one with SuseLinux (TumbleWeed), and having great difficulties to get somewhere, I see the need for this topic, with the following principles, and roadmaps.

  1. Try do document the simplest way to install & how to debug mediawiki :

    a) Mediawiki on AlmaLinux with NGINX server, and on APACHE Server, the most simple way, with what exist today. Ideally existing packages, modules and “group install”.

    So far only RPM packages to this end do exist.
    OpenSuse has a one click install, that does not work ! (at least for me!)

  2. Try to develop (or enhance) a mediawiki RPM which will work, out of the box, on Alma Linux, ideally without any change in config files (actually one for APACHE, one for NGINX); that would imply to create one or more RPM packages to these ends (One set for NGINX, one set for APACHE).

  3. Eventually allows MediaWiki to be installed and Ready to go, as part of the Alma-Linux ISO file, perhaps an install option.
    Note: I would love, a LiveVersion booting from a USB drive to work as a Wiki server, without any need for tweeks, but that may be for a bit later, when AlmaLinux support this. (Not the case now)

4) Pay attention, to PHP incompatibility, unless I am mistaking the current default PHP coming with Alma Linux 8.4,  is incompatible with Mediawiki, because it has a bug, ideally PHP 8 and above would be better.

Thanks for the attention.


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