Migration Failed. How do I restore my CentOS img to Alma?

My migration from CentOS 7 to Alma failed pretty spectacularly. After getting to the Elevate stage, I was pretty much bricked. To work around this, I took a live USB and installed Alma from it. Now I am trying to restore my old CentOS 7 img to Alma Linux. How should I go about this if I want to still be able to run the same programs as I had on CentOS 7 before and open the same files?

I am running sudo dd if=/run/media/ of=/dev/centos/home conv=noerror,sync iflag=fullblock

What other steps should I take to restore? If I need to forego Alma, and just revert to CentOS 7 that is acceptable. I just want a working machine again at this point.

which step did you take that drives you to crash ?
did you upgrade before to the last release ?
where there some incompatible rpms ? which errors ?

What I recommend is to notice every rpm installed rpm -qa >installed.rpms so it would be possible to reinstall everything.