Missing debug packages in AlmaLinux repos?

Just wondering where the debug packages for AlmaLinux are located since they seem to be missing from the repos.
Looking in the Rocky Linux repos there is a debug repo under:

Comparing it with AlmaLinux Repo:

As you can see the debug directory containing the debug packages is missing for AlmaLinux.

Debug packages is still missing in the AlmaLinux repos and no response to this thread so I guess I am the only once that actually find it is odd they are missing. Maybe it is possible to pull these packages from the Rocky Linux repo for a AlmaLinux build and hope for the best…

Just a quick update that this situation is still unchanged, no debug repo still. Would be nice to get some feedback from the project here.

Does this show the packages that you are looking for?

dnf --disablerepo=* --enablerepo=baseos-debug list available

dnf repolist all does show some *-debug repositories.

The dnf repoinfo baseos-debug shows that mirrorlist comes from
and there seems to be only one “mirror”: