Move to AlmaLinux now?

Hello everybody,

I‘ve just set up a test server for my small business on AlmaLinux and am really convinced. I was just setting up my small network on AL when the bomb exploded. I‘m now quite torn. Shall I proceed? Shall I wait? Or?

I really would like some comments and opinions.

Hi there,

I’d suggest setting everything up in a containerized way; if it’s only one server, then with Podman - if a few servers then K3s, if a large number then full Kubernetes. Podman, K3s and Kubernetes are available for just about every (major) distribution.

This will make your infrastructure mostly distribution agnostic, save SELinux, which requires tinkering on non-RHEL based distributions.

Almalinux is a solid choice, and they are likely to be able to continue unless Red Hat explores even more aggressive avenues. Even then, there will likely be continuation, either as some form of downstream or a variant based on CentOS Stream (that is packaged as a scheduled release rather than rolling).

Worst-case scenario, you move your containerized infrastructure to another distribution, which would be unfortunate but doable. Thanks to the refpolicy project, SELinux is becoming stable and usable on multiple distributions, so migration shouldn’t be too painful if need be.

I would recommend continuing with Almalinux as both container host and container image, it’s a great project and distribution.

Hope that helps somewhat.

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