Mptctl/mptfusion issue

I’m using ElRepo to support many servers that use SAS 6/iR cards in Dell R410s, and I have no problems with general operation of the servers, but I can’t find any utility that will allow me to monitor the raid from the CLI. I would have previously use lsiutil or mpt-status, but both of these give me mptctl module errors. There are other tools like preccli, megacli, sas2ircu, but they don’t seem to support the SAS 6/iR.
Anybody have any ideas on either how to fix the current utilities, or an alternate utility or method of monitoring the raid from the CLI?

The mptctl driver is disabled in the el8 / el9 kernel. You may want to file a request with ELRepo to provide this kernel module as a kmod package.

How do I go about that, join the mailling list and just ask?

Just wanted to update the info.

Based on Andrew’s inquiry, requests have been filed with ELRepo’s bug tracker:

el8: 0001314: Please provide a kmod for the mptctl kernel driver for el8 - ELRepo Bugs
el9: 0001315: Please provide a kmod for the mptctl kernel driver for el9 - ELRepo Bugs

An updated package of kmod-mptsas has been released that accommodates the mptctl driver module.