My error message in RH/CentOS stream - EPIC field

Ob AlmaLinux 9: YA khochu otpravit’ soobshcheniye ob obnaruzhennoy, s moyey tochki zreniya, oshibke - seychas eto rekomenduyetsya sdelat’ cherez RedHat. S CentOS 7 vse rabotalo - i nichego podobnogo ne otpravlyal. YA na RedHat sayte zaregistrirovalsya. Zdes’ trebuyetsya zapolnit’ ryad poley. Chto nuzhno ukazat’, naprimer, v EPIC ? Net li gde podrobnoy rekomendatsii ob ikh zapolnenii ? A to ya gotov pri neobkhodimosti i k dialogu/probam.
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About AlmaLinux 9:

I want to send a message about what I think is a bug - it is currently recommended to do this through RedHat.

With CentOS 7 everything worked - and nothing like that was sent.
I registered on the RedHat website.
Here you need to fill in a number of fields. What should be specified, for example, in EPIC?

Is there any detailed advice on how to fill them out?
Otherwise, if necessary, I am ready for dialogue/trials.

Can’t guarantee anyone here knows, but it might help if you posted a screenshot. Hard to know what form you’re on where.

I’m very sorry for accidentally inserting meaningless text at the beginning of the first message.
I want to send a bug report for AlmaLinux 9.4.
CentOS stream 9 redirects me to RedHat, and there is a question about what to fill in
Image of the website screen in the application.

There you need to enter EPIC Link - but there is no option for CentOS stream at all. What, should I specify RHEL 9.4 ?

And do I need to enter anything in the Commit Hashes field?

I wouldn’t call it “meaningless,” exactly: I know some of those words!

Having looked over some of the options, I would leave Epic Link blank. If someone from Red Hat thinks it belongs with one of their epics, they can link it. I can’t imagine they expect someone relatively uninvolved with the project to make such categorizations.

Same with Commit Hashes, unless there’s some commit you happen to believe caused the issue you’re having. If they fix your problem, they may add such information afterward.

You’ll notice the required fields, like the first three, have red asterisks, and I wouldn’t worry about filling in a bunch of optional fields. It would be better if they hid them as “advanced” but I would guess most of the users of that issue tracker are Red Hatters and others who use the issue tracker with significant frequency.

Thank you for your answer!

I did not expect such GUI problems in the already existing and accordingly adjusted version 9. In CentOS 7 everything was fine, and I could show my colleagues how bad it is in Windows on their PC and how great it’s in CentOS. Ubuntu was completely unnecessary.