MYSQL 5.7 installation problem

I have searched on google for several tutorials to install MYSQL and I have tested everything but none of them work. Is there someone who knows how to install MYSQL 5.7 if you ask why 5.7 because I am making a Minecraft server and it needs MYSQL 5.7 because it does not support above
Thank you in advance

@Link_Darck These seem like sane instructions. Wanna take a look?

thank you for answering me i had trouble installing it (i had to install 3 times) so it works but do you know how to install phpmyadmin.
I used this tutorial but it doesn’t work

no it’s ok i succeeded i had to install php-xml and compose

I would like to know how to prevent mysql from being updated and thank you for your help

just include exclude=mysql* at the end of your dnf.conf

If you download independent RPMs from various sources instead of using tons of different repos, while connected to the internet, you need to validate that you have all of the dependencies downloaded prior to initiating an install.

Then you have to attempt to install the dependencies and targeted software packages, typically concurrently for a simply easy install (ha!).

To determine the symbol, script, library, binary, etc… etc… dependencies (something that dnf|yum does mosty well for you) you can use:

rpm -qR packageName

Then turn around, and if you have some internet connectivity, and repos configured (enabled and in /etc/yum.repos.d/) you can seek the package from the shell-prompt by:

dnf provides */missing_file

Hello. I am using MariaDB, change my old MySQL versions running into Centos7.
And are working fine… All the Packages was locate the repository

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