Naming of module rpms


In comparing the versions of RPMS between AlmaLinux, CentOS, and RHEL. I notice that the names of “module” rpms seem to differ between all three, due to what looks like a “git describe” component.

As an example, utf8proc:

Alma: utf8proc-2.1.1-5.module_el8.3.0+2053+ac338b6d.x86_64
CentOS: utf8proc-2.1.1-5.module_el8.3.0+703+ba2f61b7.x86_64
RHEL: utf8proc-2.1.1-5.module+el8.3.0+6671+2675c974.x86_64

If I download the associated Alma srpm and rebuild it locally, I get:

with no extra versioning.

What does the extra part mean, and since it seems like it can vary with no real consequence, why is it useful to include that information in the rpm?


This information is added by the MBS (Module Build System) and refers to internal references.

This part could be ignored
(only part before “module” is really significant)