Nessus scanning support

We use Nessus scanning on our CentOS 8 boxes at the moment and have contractual obligations to do so. At the moment Alma Linux is not supported by the tool, see a similar request on their forums: Feed Detail (

Are there any plans to get Alma Linux supported there?

Thanks George. We are in contact with Tenable. Please file a support request with them. They have a request threshold for supporting new OSes and we are almost at the threshold. If you know anyone else using Nessus as well, please let them file a request too. It should just be a standard support request asking for AlmaLinux support.

When you do open a ticket, please PM me your ticket number so that I can make them aware and escalate with them.

I’m unsure how to PM you, the help text in the message UI suggests that there should be an envelope visible when I click your avatar but I can’t see that anywhere.

FYI - I’ve also requested AlmaLinux support via their ticket system.

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