Network Interface Choice

Hey Friends,
I’m using Almalinux after an CentOS stopped it support for its product in addition cPanel pulling the plug on it.

The issue I’m having is that AlmaLinux seems to find ip addresses that are no where on my network. I have set a static ip on my router with the MAC address and just want to use this assignment?? Please help!

just set a static ip and forget dhcp

If DHCP server does offer “correct configuration”, but a DHCP client does receive “mystic bits”, then we certainly should ask who/what/how? The DHCP is very convenient, so resorting to manual config feels like a cop out.

CentOS did never support cPanel on the grounds that cPanel does replace packages and does things its way, which renders CentOS procedures inappropriate. I can’t say whether there is support from Alma or not as I’m just a user and have never seen cPanel. The question is though: who does configure network on system that has Alma and cPanel? Normal Alma services, cPanel utilities, or both? If both, is that intentional or accidental?

Are the unknown addresses public or “special”?

The commands that I usually use to check network config on “pure” Alma are:

nmcli d s
nmcli c s
ip li
ip ro
cat /etc/resolv.conf