Network-scripts missing in 9.4?

we use AlmaLinux within Virtuozzo Containers. Now we’ve tried to update a 9.3 Container to 9.4 and noticed that “network-scripts” Package (network-scripts-10.11.6-1.el9.x86_64.rpm) is missing on 9.4 on which Virtuozzo Containers rely for networking.
Is there a reason for this or has this package simply be forgotten?
How to fix?

Does it really require specific package, or just the ifup and ifdown commands? One of the optional NetworkManager subpackages does provide those commands.

Was under the impression Virtuozzo directly interacts with network-scripts on Container boot - but I guess it could be every other Network Stack too and it’s up to the Container Linux to boot the Network.

Temporarily I fixed the issue by installing the network-scripts Package from Devel Repo where it exists:, start it up & add it to needed run-levels to start it on reboot …

Since it exists in the Devel Repo I guess it’s not meant to be missing in the release? :thinking:

Devel is an “unsupported” repo (tends to be used to build dependencies) and network-scripts were removed in 9.0, you really shouldn’t still be using them

Unfortunately not in my hands to choose. It’s the AlmaLinux 9 Template provided by Virtuozzo itself which useses it. But I’m already in contact with Virtuozzo and they filed a Bug-Ticket for this.
Let’s see how this is going … :slight_smile: