Networkmanager install after remove GUI (and Gnome-networkManager too)

I remove the complet Gnome GUI, unfotunatley the Gnome-networkmanager too.
After reboot and logged in in textmode, not finde the network adapter.
The commandline answer any time “no network manager is installed”

How can is add/install networkmanager, and witch is the other needed package . If i dont hawe Network/internet connection?

What action of yours makes the “commandline” say that?

Can you do any of these / what do they give you:

ip ro
nmcli c s


So commands, like ‘nmtui’ and ‘nmcli’ do exists, but service is not running …
The ‘ipconfig’ is deprecated.

How about:

ip li
systemctl status NetworkManager

IP LI says:
1: lo: <loopback…
2: enp2s0:… Down mode default…

Systemctl status says:

Thank you.
After systemctl enable NetworkManager and reboot then work all perfect! :slight_smile: