Newspost tool for usenet upload

Call me a dinosaur, or a lost mohikan. i still like to use usenet.
I would like to post on usenet using almalinux, but that is where things get more difficult. newspost was a console tool on ubuntu likes that abled users to post a multi part dir of files to usenet. you could enter a usenet provider, user, credentials and ofcourse the details of the upload. usenet was never populair on linux systems. I never understood why. There is no newspost or anything similar on almalinux or related redhead like distributions, forgive me if I am incorrect.
The newest version on other linux distributions is about 17+ years old. Not very encouraging…
For windows users there was plenty.

i tried to use this almalinux turtorial to find a solution : 'shntool' package unavailable - #14 by leeuw

[bogdan_ro] helped me there in the time with another package I was looking for.
It was smart to use a fedora src.rpm package to compile a almalinux (redhead) version.
For newspost, this will not work. There are some packages on for other distro’s , but I doubt if it is coming even close to the almalinux distro.

Any hints for crazy idea’s like this?

Emacs had/has gnus-mode for usenet. I used to read usenet and email with it. That is obviously not the same thing as that “newspost”.

Hi jlehtone, nice meeting again. Thanks. Well yes there is a functional lack there I think. For example thunderbird has a integrated news reader to, but it is not very practical if your post consists of several gigaytes and you made 40 rar files with 10% par2 files and your need to post it as a set on a usenet server.