No audio over xrdp on AlmaLinux 8.9

Hello, all,
I have set up an xrdp connection to my headless (and sound card-less) Almalinux 8.9 VPS. No problems seeing my xfce desktop. [Had to go with xfce because my hosting company is using Nodeworx.] I am a Linux novice and am struggling to hear the sound on YouTube videos running in Firefox on the headless box. The PulseAudio Volume Control is installed on the VPS and shows that there is audio output from Firefox. It is using the “Dummy” output device. Still can’t hear anything in my headphones via my Windows Remote Desktop connection (which is configured correctly to play sound on my end). I am running out of ideas, and I don’t think that the PulseAudio plugin that is on GitHub is compatible with AlmaLinux, just Ubuntu. I welcome any thoughts/questions/comments/advice.