No desktop icons even in Gnome classic

I switched from CentOS Stream 9 to Alma Linux 9 because I had to fix too many things when I installed Stream, even in the installation. I installed everything except my home directory, which I left in place from Stream 9. The install went smoothly until I logged in. My Desktop icons do not appear, even if I switch to either version of Gnome Classic (Xorg or other). How do I get the icons back? Please be aware that I don’t care that Gnome 3 mandates no icons. I’ll be happy to use Gnome Classic if, as was the case in CentOS Stream 9, Gnome Classic gives me icons. Otherwise, I’m trying Rocky next.

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I have the same Problem and I know it is related to Wayland … most Programs have no icons when you eg use ALT+TAB.

Noone seems to care about this, seems to be too simple a problem … do I really need to switch a debian-based distro … it fear that is the case.