No sound after installing the Nvidia drivers

I’m new to almalinux 9.3. I installed gnome. Out of the box it worked just fine sound worked video and all. But as soon as I installed the NVIDIA drivers and cuda. The sound stopped working when I go to the sound settings it says dummy device. Cannot change it I’m confused. I did look it up I found the command to find out if the sound card are still there. The system still sees them but cannot be used by the de. I’m running a Idea center with the AMD processor with a Nvidia 3060 video card. Do you think it could be a gnome issue. Or something else. Why I’m asking about gnome I downloaded fodora 40. The sound work just fine until I installed the NVIDIA drivers then the sound went away and gave me a dummy device again. If it is a gnome problem I do not mind switching desktops