No sudo with AlmaLinux 9.2 on Raspberry Pi

I installed the AlmaLinux RPi image using Raspberry Pi Imager. It’s a headless install, but I’m able to SSH into the system as the non-root user that was created. However, the user does not appear to have sudo access, and I have no idea what the root password is (it is not almalinux).

I’m not sure from where the RPi Imager is pulling the AL 9.2 image, but the officially-provided one from AlmaLinux themselves has the root account locked by default, and the only valid user of almalinux having the password of almalinux .

It also looks like that user should have working sudo access by default on their own image as well.

On regular (non-RPi) install, the installer creates regular accounts with membership in wheel group. (One can see groups with id ) The wheel is in sudoers.

I don’t know what those images have.