No vagrantboxes for 8.8 yet?

AlmaLinux8.8 was release May 18th. I built a new VM on Azure and got the new base image,
but for local work with vagrant that is not the case:

PS C:\src\AlmaLinux> vagrant box update
==> alma8: Checking for updates to 'almalinux/8'
    alma8: Latest installed version: 8.7.20230228

Could you tell me which Vagrant provider do use?

If it’s VirtualBox, please see this upstream bug report/ticket which we working with VirtualBox team to add the 8.8 support to Guest Additions of 6…1 and 7.0.

I’m using Hyper-V as provider.

Oh yes. It was little late than usual because we got bunch of updates after the 8.8 release and decided to wait a bit to release cloud images to include these updates.

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