Openssl 3.2 from source

I new in almalinux, but I have been worked since 2014 with CentOS 7.4.
I’m trying to install openssl 3.2 from source and i’m following the steps in:

but I’m getting:

chmod a+x apps/
rm -f “tools/c_rehash”
/usr/bin/perl “-I.” -Mconfigdata “util/”
“-oMakefile” tools/ > “tools/c_rehash”
chmod a+x tools/c_rehash
rm -f “util/”
/usr/bin/perl “-I.” -Mconfigdata “util/”
“-oMakefile” util/ > “util/”
chmod a+x util/
rm -f “util/”
/usr/bin/perl “-I.” -Mconfigdata “util/”
“-oMakefile” util/ > “util/”
chmod a+x util/
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/webuser/src/openssl-3.2.1’

how do I solve it?

I won’t even look at that “guide”, because one does not replace system components in EL.
AlmaLinux provides and maintains openssl and that is the openssl that is used in AlmaLinux.

That said, one could naturally have their own custom application, including some libs that it depends on, that does whatever it does. Those I would always install and run as regular user, just to make sure that they can’t mess with the system.

Since openssl is all about security, having an application that does not use system’s openssl means that you would have to constantly keep your copy up to date yourself, rather than rely on system’s openssl (which package we all naturally update whenever new version becomes available). Getting and adding all the patches and then rebuild is way more work that regural dnf up.

Solve what? I do see some output from build process, but none of that looks like and error. Not even a warning.

yes, AlmaLinux provides and maintains openssl, but now it hasn’t 3.2, why?
can you help my to solve the compire error? I didn’t see any error in “make” command, but only “make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/webuser/src/openssl-3.2.1’”.
thanks a lot

AlmaLinux is compatible with corresponding RHEL, so Alma 9 basically has what RHEL 9 has.

Red Hat decides what RHEL has. They offer RHEL as “stable” platform, as in “set up your service and it can run up to decade”. Not as non-stop uptime, but as no feature changes that force reinstall. Therefore, Red Hat focuses on backporting security fixes to RHEL, rather than constantly rebasing RHEL content to new/different versions. See What is backporting and how does it affect Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)? - Red Hat Customer Portal

The openssl is central and critical library that many packages depend on. Rebasing that is likely affect a lot. Not just what RHEL provides, but also what users have set up themselves. Nobody wants a simple dnf up to break the system (rather than make it safer.)

As I already said, I see no error. The
make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/webuser/src/openssl-3.2.1
is a normal informational message from recursive make

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I agree with you, if I follow RHEL I won’t have problem with Almalinux, but if I need of openssl 3.2?
the make give me error, what is the problem?
I started with Almalinux default, I didn’t add other application, library or other… (I install only Development tool), I followed this link:

Why do you think that you need anything else than the openssl that AlmaLinux has?

That looks like a sure way to completely break one’s AlmaLinux system.

Once more: you have not shown any error yet.

you convinced me, I won’t use Almalinux with source compiled.
I didn’t see an error, after the make print many rows and to the end print " make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/webuser/src/openssl-3.2.1".
So, if this is not enought to solve my problem, then it’ll be ok, I’ll use almalinux with openssl 3.0.

but the question will be always present in me: why the author of link has done it and me no.