Os-release differences from CentOS

Hello everyone,

Be aware that Alma’s /etc/os-release identity file is slightly different from CentOS, for example,

for CentOS:


for Alma:

VERSION=“8.3 (Purple Manul)”

this could potentially cause issues while parsing the file, but nothing major. Just wanted to point out the difference.

Thank you.


@sams_daughter thank you for pointing this out.

I was working with a coworker on a task recently, trying to deal with our environment and assess machines and their roles based on some intimate details that came out of the /etc/os-release file for both Red Hat and CentOS.

It is frustrating that the various brands/distros of Linux do not all use this file and stick to precisely the same standard.

Thank you for pointing this detail out though, it is good to know up front.