Package/security announcements, where are they?

Old Centos users, migrating from Centos7. Centos7 had a mailing list that announced new packages and security updates. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get those notices on Alma(9). I signed up for a Maillist: “” and get emails from that. Today I got 3 emails for 2 Python’s and a GIT, but when I went to update the server (via yum update), I got more packages to be updated than were announced (install 5, upgrade 18 ) . For example I got a 5.14.0-427.22.1.el9_4 kernel update. I’d seen this kernel announced for Rocky a several days ago and asked about it here (different thread ).

Those old Centos announce maillist notifications were my trigger to know my server needed updated. I handle those updates on off hours.

I never saw any kind of annoucement from Alma regarding some of the pakages that “arrived” today. That kernel again, for example. Was there an announcement and I’m just “listening” in the wrong location? What is the best source to monitor for updates, preferably via Email of RSS feeds?