Pam_mount missing in Almalinux 9.3


i miss pam_mount package in Almalinux 9.3.
I need it for automount home directory on logon.

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RPM resource pam_mount(x86-64) shows that EPEL 7 and EPEL 8 do have package pam_mount.
You should make a request to EPEL to build the package for EPEL 9 too.

I have used autofs for mounting homes (and other NFS shares). Did not really know that pam_mount is a thing … oh, is it for crypted volumes?

Thanks for quick replay. I never used autofs in the past. I have to mount homes at logon und umount at logoff using users active directory credentials and set the right permissions. Maybe i have a look at autofs.


AD creds might not be feasible with autofs.

Hence EPEL Package Request :: Fedora Docs

pam_mount is available in Synergy since late October. Read here how to enable AlmaLinux Synergy: Synergy Repository | AlmaLinux Wiki

(I cannot believe that nobody seems to know that. Requesting packages in EPEL is a good thing; I did it myself in the past, and it worked, but while waiting, Synergy is meant to gap the bridge in some niche cases.)

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Thank you for the hint.