Pcnet32 driver for Almalinux 8.10

I am building back up my old server and with 8.10 beta and so far so good. I have an old AMD Pcnet network card which I would like to keep using for sentimental reasons. It looks like its been deprecated from the kernel for a long while, and I didn’t see it on el repo. I am guessing I need to create a kernel mod from the pcnet32.c file on github. Its been quite a while since i have done this type of thing but I am trying to get back into the swing of it. Is there a good guide on bringing the old relic of a nic into a semi modern Linux install? I am happy to still with a precompiled driver if one is available somewhere, but I don’t mind trying to compile the module and get it loaded myself. Thanks!

This is being tracked here:


Two options are available. One is to use kernel-ml or kernel-lt. The other is to install kmod-pcnet32.