Php downgrading while upgrading rhel-7.9 to alma 8.9

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to upgrade rhel 7.9 to alma 8.9, but the php 8.1 is downgrading to php 7.2. Is there any way to exclude php?

AFAIK RHEL does not provide PHP 8.1 so you are using a 3rd party provider

Switching to default 7.2 in EL-8 makes sense and probably avoids lot of issues

You can then update to 8.0 available in EL-8
or switch to a 3rd party provider which has 8.1

Notice EL-9 has 8.1 in the official repository

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Hi Remi Thanks for the update actually.
I am using elevate method to upgrade to Alma
We have already installed php version 8.1 provided by remi repo
while doing the upgrade the php is getting downgraded to 7.2
Do we have an option to exclude while doing leapp upgrade and exclude the php to prevent the upgrade/downgrade or prevent downgrading the php module streams?

Simply upgrade to the PHP wanted version after the system upgrade.

But I am not familiar with php modules and configuration
will it affect the existing configuration of php if I upgrade php after system upgrade?

So you must learn.

I have no exact idea how the system upgrade works.
So you should save your configuration and check everything is OK

EL-7 and EL-8 are very different

  • EL-7 use YUM, and flat repository and possibly Software Collections
  • EL-7 use httpd in prefork mode with mod_php
  • EL-8 use DNF, and modular repository
  • EL-8 use httpd in event mode with php-fpm

So you will very probably have to do some config adjustement.

The better ways is to run it first on a test system before to validate the full process.