Plans for s390x


In EL Distro Comparison | AlmaLinux Wiki, we can see that support for s390x is planned but I couldn’t find any other information about what the plan is.

Are there any more information about this ? What’s the plan ?

This question arise from the python community as to which distro to choose for manylinux_2_28 image which is meant to build python wheels with compiled C/C++ code.


Hi Mayeut,

We have most of the packages built for s390x. The release should be sometime before the end of the month. It was a very long process due to needing to bootstrap from Fedora.

You can point the python community to this post if necessary and please send anyone my way if they have any more specific questions about it, but end of this month is the working timeline.


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Are there installation instructions for s390, or more specifically Hercules?