Print screen in wayland mode no working but wel in X11 mode


minimal configuration
install epel relase activated CRB
install groupe kde plasma
SE linux disabled in grub selinux=0 and nouveau.modeset = 0
i have installed the latest nvidia driver on the pc a lenovo P35

in X11 mode no problem the print screen work
in wayland error and ask to send a bug to KDE projects

Great Beta a i have completed intergrated our company customs rpms from alma8 to alma9 without any problem

just when in wayland it give some problems

example of rpm custom automaticly join active directory after install



<?php if ($argv[2] == 'up') { openlog("00-join-ad",LOG_PID|LOG_PERROR,LOG_LOCAL0); syslog(LOG_INFO,"00-join-ad-started on interface ".$argv[1]); exec('/usr/sbin/realm discover fmsb.local | grep configured',$stdout,$rc); if (strpos($stdout[0],"no") != false) { exec('echo xxxxxxxxx | /usr/sbin/realm join -U yyyyyyy fmsb.local',$stdout,$rc); syslog(LOG_INFO,"join dmain fmsb.local rc = ".$rc); } else syslog(LOG_INFO,"Already join in domain"); syslog(LOG_INFO,"00-join-ad-ended"); } ?>

work like a charm