Problem Bug Grub

I have a problem just after the update my server does not start anymore due to the version 9.2 in the grub I am forced to manually switch back to grub 9.1 to start the server!

can you help me to prevent this problem with the updates and to avoid it to happen again.

The GRUB is a bootloader that lest you select a kernel to boot the OS with.
The first screenshot shows four kernel versions to choose from.
The GRUB was updated in the 9.2 point update to version 2.06-61.el9 (from 2.06-46.el9_1.5).

Do you actually mean with the “back to grub 9.1” that the kernel version
5.14.0-284.11.1.el9_2 fails to boot and the kernel version
5.14.0-162.23.1.el9_1 does boot successfully?

Then again, your screenshots do show the 5.14.0-162.23.1.el9_1 selected and then snaps from failed boot.

Was there no output between timepoints 5.34 and 143.22? By the latter time the error has already occurred.

A potential cause might be shown at 4.24, since there is statement that the mpt3sas does not support device ID 1000:0072.
Do you use kmod-mpt3sas from ELRepo with the el9_1 kernel? If yes, did you update it for the el9_2?

So the grub that doesn’t work is the 9.2 turquoise that produces me the error and the one that works is 9.1 Lime 23.1 it starts and puts me the 9.2 turquoise version without problem (display in cockpit).

No I don’t use kmod-mpt3sas I don’t know which one I used and no I didn’t update it tell me the command to see which one I used.

Thanks in advance for the help.

[pedantic] It’s not “grub”, it is “kernel” [/pedantic]

The ‘dnf’ lists package if it is installed and/or available. The ‘modinfo’ tells about the current kernel module:

dnf list kmod-mpt3sas
modinfo mpt3sas | head

Here is the information he found nothing for the first order and the second he found this

Looks like the version that is included in the kernel packages.

I would do:

dnf install elrepo-release
dnf install kmod-mpt3sas

It might be that the system boots only with the el9_2 kernel versions after that (if at all).
(In other words, I’d have install media at hand too so that at least some rescue option is available if things go wrong.)

thank you i have no more startup problem i think it was just 2 packages and i don’t know how you knew that this was the problem but what is the use of these packages but in any case thanks