QR and barcode reader

Under C7 I used to have a handy bit of code that used my webcam to read barcodes and QR codes. It just generated the strings, I don’t think it passed them to Firefox, but I’m happy with that. I’ve looked at zbar, but it is version 0.10 and appears to have been unmaintained for over 10 years. I did have a go at running ./configure but after multiple complaints of missing packages that were there I’ve given up with it.

Any suggestions?

@MartinR what was the code you were using before?

If you want to use zbar and don’t mind using a third party repository, you can use the package from the EndPoint Repository (https://packages.endpoint.com/)(https://packages.endpoint.com/rhel/8/main/x86_64/zbar-0.22-2.ep8.x86_64.rpm) or Raven (https://pkgs.dyn.su) (https://pkgs.dyn.su/el8/base/x86_64/zbar-0.22-1.el8.x86_64.rpm).

I will and must state that these are totally third party, not affiliated with AlmaLinux and cannot be vouched for at all on our end.

You may also want to lookup pydatamatrix which I can hear can do the same.

The previous way was a couple of one-line scripts jacketing zbar. That’s why I went looking for it, but only found the old version mentioned above. I’ve added the repository and installed the later version you pointed me at (cavets accepted), and it seems fine. Thanks.

Thanks @MartinR, glad to help.