Reboot freeze after CentOS 7 -> AlmaLinux 8 migration

I’m getting a bit desperate here trying to migrate CentOS 7 server to AlmaLinux 8. Thisi is btw done on Hetzner cloud server, which is running KVM hypervisor (

I have managed to run the “leapp upgrade” succesfully. On the console screen I give reboot command and get the kernel menu with “ELevate-Upgrade-Initramfs” selection, as expected. After selecting it the reboot and migration continues for some 90 seconds and then… a complete freeze.

So, no luck so far.

Any pointers, any ideas? Is there something I’m missing?

Thanks, More / Helsinki

looking at the error message you’ve got something setup to prompt for a luks password which is waiting for input. you could just try typing the password…

Thanks for the tip, sej7278. Though it didn’t help.

I changed the tactics. Sharing my resolution here, if someone else is having the same problem:

I’m using Virtualmin/Webmin management software in my server, so this procedure seemed a good plan-B:

  1. Backed up all the sites and took notes of all generic settings (e.g. firewall ports).
  2. Moved the backup files to another server with SCP
  3. Rebuilt the server with AlmaLinux 9
  4. Did basic hardening for the server (SSH port access, firewall etc.)
  5. Installed Virtualmin
  6. Moved the backup files back with SCP
  7. Restored the sites

It went well. This backup/restore guide for Virtualmin was really helpful:

I will handle my other servers with the same procedure. Also the one with cPanel, which should be able to handle backup/restore quite well.