Repo for CEPH installation for AL-8

Dear All,
I am planning to try installing “CEPH” on AlmaLinux 8
when I am checking for repo, I am able only to see upto 7
Can any one guide me the location of CEPH repo or AlmaLinux 8
Joseph John

Like to update, I have been helped with the following steps.
Posting it here, for others who would like to try ceph

Use curl to fetch the most recent version of the standalone script

[root@joseph-01 ~]# curl --silent --remote-name --location the cephadm script executable:
[root@joseph-01 ~]# chmod +x cephadmTo install the packages that provide the cephadm command, run the following commands:
[root@joseph-01 ~]# ./cephadm add-repo --release pacific
[root@joseph-01 ~]# ./cephadm install

Like to give some url I came across for ceph repo
those who need to try ceph they can try

 "dnf -y install centos-release-ceph-octopus epel-release"
"dnf -y install ceph-common"

Joseph John