Repos Error (HELP)

Hello i was having a clean install of centos8 i shifted to AlmaLinux with migration Script now I’m getting repo message though update and upgrade works fine

You’ve still got CentOS-8 - Extras in your dnf/yum configuration. Check, but I suspect that there will be an [extras] section in there that is still enabled. You should be seeing a line such as:

extras AlmaLinux 8 - Extras

but dnf/yum is hiding from you since it has already found CentOS-8 Extras.

check @MartinR

You won’t see it using dnf/yum if dnf/yum is hiding it! Go to /etc/yum.repos.d and have a look at the actual files. You could usefully start with listing them and also try # grep extras *.

@MartinR Please guide me further in case you need anydesk access please let me know

OK, but I’ve got to be quick, I have to go out shortly.

Check what on earth the following repos are, they all have conflictlig [extras] sections:

  • 3xKk07g-extras.repo
  • ooWq9IB-extras.repo
  • Pzd8yFZ-extras.repo
  • w4VJGjZ-extras.repo

If the repos are disabled, there is no problem. The CentOS repo is an .rpmsave so can be ignored. Sorry, must dash.

so i have to remove them

I’ve never used anydesk, but at first glance you have just opened your system up to several billion people, some of whom are unpleasant. Never mind the repos, get that access turned off fast, and edit out the number.
If you want to pass information like this, use a PM or encrypted email.
I’m only back at home for about 15 minutes, perhaps Jack or Warron can take over when they come on line. I’ll be back around 1700 GMT.

Right, I’m back. Sorry about rushing off but I had a medical appointment, had to pick up my son from an interview and last, but not least, take my wife out for a birthday lunch and shopping.

There are four suspect repos, and four messages that extras is listed more than once. I don’t use Plesk which may be the source of them, so be careful. However, from a pure AlmaLinux POV I can’t see any reason for them, they’re certainly not in any of my systems whether they be fresh installs or migrated C8 systems.

So, with no guarantees from me you can proceed cautiously as follows:

If you edit the files, you should find the extras definition something like:

name=AlmaLinux $releasever - Extras
# baseurl=$releasever/extras/$basearch/os/

The line we are interested in is enabled=1 which (not surprisingly) enables the repo. Change the 1 to a 0 within each of the four suspect files and try the yum clean all again. If that works satisfactorily, then try # dnf repolist and see which repos are found.