Request for packages

Would you, please, port Brisk Menu to AlmaLinux?
It is such a simple to use and efficient menu.

Thank you in advance.

The baseline is that AlmaLinux project builds AlmaLinux from the sources of RHEL – AlmaLinux has what RHEL has. It is Red Hat that may choose to port something to RHEL.

Third-party repos, for example EPEL, build packages for Enterprise Linux. Those work on both RHEL and AlmaLinux. It is possible to create a request to EPEL that they would consider additional package to maintain.

I have never heard of “Brisk Menu”. It is more efficient to provide a link to the thing that you do refer to – in worst cases there are many things with same name.

This is what I was talking about:

How can I contact the maintainers of EPEL?

There is at least EPEL Package Request :: Fedora Docs

That’s for the MATE DE. RHEL/AlmaLinux doesn’t have MATE. I don’t believe EPEL has it either.

EPEL 9 does have MATE packages.

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I learned something new today. I stand corrected.