RHEL 9 Beta is out

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been out for a few days now, already raised a bug - libfido2-devel is not packaged so you can’t recompile openssh, which also means you can’t build a distro based on it unless you pull from stream sources instead of rhel sources.

network-scripts is totally gone with no way to install it, which apparently will be an issue for cpanel, for the rest of us it means finally switching to NetworkMangler

One could ask whether OS (EL9) should serve an application (cpanel) or should the application rather work on terms of the OS? I’d say that applications and user should adapt/port/rebuild to new platform rather than expect support for legacy idioms.

I know that it isn’t painless; I’ll skip el8 in places just to avoid one round of porting and/or might have to run CL7 to the very end if porting turns out nigh impossible.

Quoting Carl George of CentOS/Red Hat:

so let me clear up a few things. what was just released
was rhel 9 beta, not 9.0 beta. there is a difference. the rhel 9
beta is the beta for the major version, and really amounts to being
just a minor release before .0, so think 9.-1. it does not get
updates, it’s essentially frozen. it’s based on where centos 9 stream
was like 3 months ago. c9s is now representing 9.0 ga content, so
it’s further ahead than 9 beta.

r9.b is only stable in the sense that it’s frozen and
the bugs it has will stay as-is. c9s has a ton of bug fixes that r9.b
doesn’t have. many of the community contributed things we have now in
c9s missed the window for r9.b but are in c9s now so they can make it
into r9.0.

so looking at that, its not worth beta testing rhel9 as nothing will be fixed, which concurs with my bug report that libfido2-devel isn’t packaged for rhel9 beta, but is in stream9.

not really sure why they even bother with rhel public beta’s now then, its just a point release of stream.

The RHEL 9 beta gives a checkpoint for Red Hat’s partner network to start working from, because otherwise they’d be caught totally flat-footed.

Additionally, folks who are enrolled in the RHEL 9 High Touch Beta do get updates, as they’re able to enroll into an update channel and can actively see their feedback get addressed.


I am not subscribed to High Touch Beta, just a regular developer account.
But yesterday, when I checked after some days, I got updates in the RHEL 9 Beta install.


libfido2-devel is there in the latest updates to RHEL9 beta in the
codeready-builder-beta-for-rhel-9-x86_64-rpms repo.


@lee yes, hence i closed my bug report, it took a fair bit of chasing but i can now compile openssh from srpm on rhel9 beta using non-centos repo’s. and yes, plenty of updates coming down.