RPi 4 8gb; AlmaLinux 9.1; bluetooth

I installed AlmaLinux 9.1 on a Raspberry Pi 4 8 GB box. Bluetooth does not work. I tried adding dtoverlay=enable_bt and that does not work. I so see, in /var/log/secure, that almalinux appears to be looking for hci and is playing with hciuart.service; neither of which appears to be present. Help!

Also, bluetooth.service does not start as /sys/class/bluetooth does not exist. This could be a relic of the previous item as no error shows up in /var/log/secure.

OK, the bluetooth kernel modules were not installed. Got them installed but I still cannot connect to bluetooth. bluetootctl list shows nothing. The same with bluetoothctl devices

The problem is that almalinux cannot see either the wifi or the Bluetooth devices on the RPI4. Is this true?

Would someone please advise?

Well, two weeks and no answer. I am dropping AlmaLinux off my RPI4 as there seems to be no support for the onboard WIFI or Bluetooth. This issue can be closed.