Screensaver no input and delay

Just installed Alma Linux 8.8, using cinnamon and lightDM.

I have noticed the following with the screensaver if the computer is left a long time:

The screen reverts to the “no input” message, this is starting to burn into the screen.
Once you move the mouse and type the password - it takes 5-10 seconds for the password to fill.

Has anyone else seen problems with the screensaver?
Note: It worked perfectly with CentOS7

That’s not a screen saver problem but power management. The video output is disabled, and the monitor SHOULD have a mode where it stops searching and itself goes into standby. That said, most monitors have an algorithm where that message is moved around with time, so it’s surprising to hear you’re already having issues.

Monitor is pretty old…HP 27"…I am reinstalling Alma and might skip using “Cinnamon” and evaluate.