See bootup messages?

When I bootup my AlmaLinux 8.8 it has a grey screen with the 3 little dots. can I hide that so I can see all console messages and activity?

i think you can press Escape or Tab, but to get back to full messages by default you have to edit /etc/default/grub and rebuild the bootloader, but its easier this way:

sudo grubby --remove-args=quiet --update-kernel=ALL

I removed the quiet from the grub config it worked but now I get all kinds of iptables FIREWALL messages too. would love to stop those. and I still get the grey screen with the three status dots clearing the text anyway. I can’t find where to turn that off.

I’ve removed quiet and rhgb from kernel args so long that I can’t remember whether both are still there by default. The rhgb enabled “Red Hat graphical boot” and that “grey and dots” sounds like that.

I didn’t know rhgb was the graphical stuff. I’ll try removing that. thanks.