Setting up a LEMP server with MariaDB, Wordpress,

In the process of Alama Linux 9 (Beta), I found the installing a LEMP (linux+enginx+mariaDB) server very poorly documented, hard to install, using the "of the box .rpm packages.

Ideally the procedure should be from existing RPM packages installed with dnf:

  • sudo dnf install nginx

  • sudo dnf install mariadb

  • sudo dnf install wordpress

  • sudo dnf install mediawiki

    And with the minimum of fiddling, using default config files a minimum working wordpress and wiki server should work, pretty much out of the box.

I successfully installed LEMP.

So far, using “dnf install wordpress” was unsuccessful, probably because the documentation is inadequate (the file provided is incomplete, unclear)… and because I have no idea on how to debug this !

Ideally a group install should exist towards more simplification and if necessary separate Apache (httpd) from NGINX installer for most applications like Wordpress, Mediawiki, Drupal et…

It is possible that this already exist, but exactly where ?
Thanks for posting a great reply, etc…