Should I use CloudLinux or Alma on a VPS?

I’m moving to a new VPS from shared hosting server.
Should I use CloudLinux or maybe Alma is better?

As far as I know CloudLinux is best for shared hosting - Is there any reason to use it on VPS?

What about Alma - Is it better?

Is there any security features that are not available in Alma but available in CloudLinux?
As far as I know there are good tools in CloudLinux to handle attacks on the server or any other security concerns (SecureLink, CageFS, IMUNIFY360 / Proactive Defense, and probably much more) - can I use them all in Alma?


Hi @ram,

Can you tell us any more about your use case? Are you providing hosting? We are currently working out the roadmap for AlmaLinux and how it will interact with the ecosystem of CloudLinux and all the tools you mentioned.


Hi @jack,
Thanks for your answer.

I’m gonna use this VPS for my website and CRM system and so on. I will not use this VPS for shared hosting or something like that and I will be the only user on this VPS.

Can I gather from your reply that as for now AlmaLinux does not have the relevant tools like the ones in CloudLinux to handle attacks on the server or any other such security concerns?

I’m keen to use AlmaLinux - but maybe it’s safer to go with CloudLinux?

What do you think?

@ram You are correct that AlmaLinux does not come with these things built in. That being said you can purchase them from CloudLinux if you wish.

Thanks @jack

Do you plan to add such tools like the ones in Cloud Linux built in in to AlmaLinux?

How can I purchase such tools from CloudLinux and use them with AlmaLinux?

@ram If you want to inquire about something like that from the CloudLinux end, the best thing would be to messages or and see what types of unbundling they may offer.

You can buy it directly from their official website or from a noc partners like hostmalabar